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You Have the Power and Say So
 We believe and extend our hands to see people (Help one another) reach their true height and potential. See your completed self as God said in designing you - Prominent and Dominant.
The power is according to your faith. Rest your faith in His hands.
Come in Closer
In conjunction with the CN Life Ministries, the Seed Life Sowing Circle is a resolute resource for the advancing and growth of Christian faith ideals in everyday living, work and ministry; building a foundation for receiving the Kingdom of God.

 We offer partnership to educate and reveal God's vision of man (life) in the 21st century. Through community relations and small group activities we're organized to provide the pratical enrichment needed for the spiritual growth of people of faith.

Join us today and discover ways you can see this vision grow and develop to reach further and higher in Christ's mission
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To discover ways you can help us provide more and expand our reach, please forward your information and someone from our resource team wil contact you.
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